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Grace Jones

Grace Jones has finished a new album, her first for some time, and one that amongst other things takes us on a tour through time, and the way it holds us in place even as it lets us go, the way it connects us and separates us. It sounds like an album she could have made before when she was younger, striding from country to country, to magazine pose to club to airports and another city, to 12 inch mix, stage to television, big screen, infamy and beyond, An album she could only have made now, or at some point in the future.

It’s the magic of a younger Grace mixed with the magic of a later Grace. It is called Hurricane because “it’s heavy and it’s powerful and it’s right in your face.” She’s produced it with Ivor Guest and Ant Genn, it’s taken all the time in the world to make, and no time at all, it features contributions from Tricky, Brian Eno, Sly and Robbie, young guitarist Leo Ross, and percussionist Tony Allan (Fela Kuti/Good, the Band and the Queen), “we were all part of the same dream, a dream that becomes reality that becomes a dream,” and it reports on and illuminates and slips through her history and her future, her name and her genius.